Standing in Solidarity: Black Lives Matter in Australia

As states across America continue demonstrations following the death of George Floyd, who died in Minnesota after a police officer held a knee to his neck during an arrest, the Black Lives Matter movement is widening the discourse on injustices faced by First Nations People within our own country.

This as an important opportunity to not only bring attention to the movement in America and show solidarity but also to recognise Indigenous lives lost in custody within Australia and highlight the inequality still present in our own justice system.

What Can You Do?

Whilst it’s natural to feel helpless in our anger, there are a number of practical things we can do to both stand with Indigenous Australians and to support the global Black Lives Matter movement.


Self-reflection is the seed of change. Take this opportunity to consider the following:

  • Think back to the times in your childhood where racism was joked about or quietly present in everyday life. Sit with that.
  • How do you respond when family, friends and colleagues make racist statements?
  • If you feel uncomfortable speaking out about racial issues, ask yourself why.


Knowledge is power, and we all have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the issues around us. Here are some great resources to learn more about racial issues in Australia:

Aboriginal prison rates – Creative Spirits

What is racism and how to spot it – ReachOut

Change the Record

Indigenous media sources – IndigenousX


Here are some of the petitions you can sign to support the cause both internationally and at home:

Prevent Another Aboriginal Death in Custody

Justice for George Floyd

Change the Record



Below is a selection of some of the organisations and fundraisers working towards racial justice in Australia which you can support with donations, among other ways:

Bridging the Gap: Foundation for Indigenous Health and Education

Justice for Tanya: Day Family Fundraiser

North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance 

At Kennelly Constructions, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and recognise the shared responsibility we all have to end the injustices happening in our country and our communities. By getting behind this critical juncture in our global history, we can begin building a world that respects, supports and values all lives.

How have you been getting involved during this time? We’d love to hear from you.

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