Indigenous Engagement

Kennelly Constructions is committed to implementing programs that will make a contribution to Indigenous Australians throughout Australia.

Building Our Future

The founders of the business are proud Bunjalung men. We understand the importance of adhering to cultural protocols. Our people respect the customs of all communities we work in.

To achieve successful employment outcomes, we have developed a a 3 phase program to ensure we build the right foundations which we then can develop our people to enable us to have a sustainable future as we strive to achieve parity for our people
Supply Nation Certified Indigenous-Owned Business

Kennelly Constructions is a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous-Owned Business. Supply Nation helps large companies to find and engage with Indigenous-owned businesses. In addition to being a certified business, we also use the directory to source other Indigenous-owned businesses to include in our supply chains.

Kennelly Constructions is committed to increasing the participation of Indigenous people, and in particular Traditional Owners, in all sectors of its operations, to allow the communities, in which it works and which it represents, to grow. Within our supply chain, we strive to cultivate long term relationships with other indigenous businesses, on every project and at an organisational level. Currently all travel needs are booked through InTravel Group, marketing solutions are provided by Indigenous creative and digital agency, ingeous studios and corporate gifts by Onabac, which are Supply Nation certified businesses.

In the Connect 2016 Supplier Diversity Awards, we are proud to be sponsor of the Government Member of the Year, acknowledging the vital role all levels of Government play to increase indigenous participation. Indigenous businesses are 100 times more likely to employ indigenous people. As indigenous businesses continue to grow it will enable more indigenous people to be employed.

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