Indigenous Business Month 2022

October is Indigenous Business Month, an annual event that aims to promote national Indigenous businesses and give them a voice, while highlighting the diversity of the Indigenous market.

Established by the alumni of Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class program, Indigenous Business Month was created to gather the best in Indigenous business owners, entrepreneurs and managers to develop new opportunities for Indigenous people. The initiative also uplifts business as a way of providing positive role models for young Indigenous Australians and improving the quality of life in Indigenous communities.

Continue reading to learn more about this year’s event and how you can get involved.

Indigenous Business Month 2022 – Theme and Awards

The 2022 theme is “Actions today. Impact tomorrow,” and focuses on inspiring the next generation of First Nations business leaders.

This year’s theme acknowledges that for many Indigenous business owners, the path is not linear, and can be full of ups and downs. That’s why sharing these unique stories, experiences and journeys is crucial for inspiring the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs, enabling them to learn from those who have gone before them.

The Indigenous Business Month Awards for 2022 will showcase the outstanding achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and provides identifiable national and local role models to inspire all Australians. The winners of the 121, Indigenous Digital Inventiveness, Indigenous Ingenuity and Regional Business Awards will be announced in late October.

How You Can Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in Indigenous Business Month, consider raising awareness through your business or the local community, or participating in the various virtual or in-person events happening throughout October.

This is also an opportunity for all Australians to find new ways to support Indigenous businesses through investment as part of supply chains and as consumers. Whether you are an organisation needing suppliers or an individual doing your Christmas shopping, making a point to buy from Indigenous-owned businesses is a worthwhile way to contribute. How are you helping to bolster Indigenous businesses during this time? We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.

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